Simpl Printing
  • Every Door Direct Mail-compliant sizes
  • No postage permit or mailing list required
  • Optional bundling in sets of 100

Don't let effort and budget stand in the way of postcard success.

If you’re planning to send out postcards to prospects but are constantly held back by the effort and budget, we’re setting the record straight: you don't need to exert a lot of effort and expenses for a list and a permit. Believe it or not, you can effortlessly target every single door in your neighborhood at an affordable price. That's the beauty of the simplified Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) service by USPS.

Take advantage of the unmatched ROI combination offered by EDDM® postcards!

With an impressive return on investment averaging $12.57 for every dollar spent, direct mail is one of the most powerful tools in any marketer's arsenal. Even better - research shows that three out of four people actually read their mailers versus just skimming through them quickly – and with a potential reach as far-reaching as your target audience, you’re guaranteed maximum visibility to get results fast!

We list down five specific benefits you get to enjoy if you choose to incorporate EDDM® postcards in your marketing campaign.

  1. Small Business Price
    With EDDM®, you can mail your postcards and flyers for a much cheaper price compared to traditional direct mailer campaigns. The latter costs an average of 75¢ per piece for the smallest and most basic mailer promotion.

  2. Deliver BIG EDDM Postcard Sizes
    As long as you keep within the postal size guidelines, you can send 8.5"x11" postcards and larger for big impact postcards that stand out in your customers mailbox.

  3. No Postage Permit Needed
    Normally when sending postcard mailing services campaigns, you would need an active postal permit which can cost as much as $450 just to open an account. With EDDM®, you don't need one. USPS provides a special USPS/EDDM® Endicia permit that you can add directly to your mailer designs. This special permit also ensures that your EDDM® mailers are mailed separately from the mass of "circulars" that people are not always fond of.

  4. No Mailing List Needed
    Instead of printing names and addresses, EDDM® utilizes a "simplified addressing" format that targets local postal customers in a radius of up to 5 miles. And because you no longer need to print names and addresses, you can forget all the typical ink-jet printing and labeling hassles.

  5. Short-Run Mailing Campaigns
    Create extensive local mailing campaigns or smaller mailing campaigns to test the water in your neighborhood. The minimum quantity to qualify is just 200 print pieces, but you can send out up to 5,000 pieces per day.

What file formats do you accept when uploading my design?

We accept TIF, TIFF, EPS, AI, PSD, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDF files. PSD, PDF, and AI files should be in CMYK color mode to ensure accurate color output. The resolution of your files should be set to 300 dpi, unless stated otherwise.

Need help with a design?

We can help with the perfect finishing touch on any project with a truly unique, professional graphic design. Enhance your order today and explore our selection of affordable service packages – each tailored to personalize your experience!

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